Alastair Prichard is a fantastic chef, offering a tailored menu, using fresh, seasonal ingredients and takes particular care to make sure that they are responsibly sourced. He remains calm and cheerful throughout the process. We would highly recommend his company.


Alastair David has catered for all occasions: from weddings and wakes to five hundred in a field at a festival.  At Alastair David we create bespoke menus for unique events.

Wedding catering marquee

Festivals and parties

Seats 150 - 250

Large scale events are our .. eh herm …. bread and butter. At Alastair David catering every single event and every client is important to us, but the event culture starts way before this. It begins with the people at Alastair David - Ali (The chef), Helen (The organiser) and Andrew (The creative eyes). It permeates into the supplier relationships that we create and nurture. It continues further with the wonderful friends we take with us to events and parties. All this wonderful culture comes to your festival/ event/ party….. Meaning every detail, along the supply and delivery route, is impassioned and joyful.

Pop ups and corporate events

Seats up to 15 - 50

Size doesn’t matter, to us, although we do have a minimum budget of £1,000. As long as the people and the idea are amazing. Details are just as crucial to enjoyment for a 12 person event as they are for a 150 people event. We believe that our strategy of engagement, with suppliers and staff-friends, and our three pillars of 1. High quality food and cheffing 2. The best events organisers in the business and 3. Visual elegance. Mean that your event: pop-up, corporate event, party or wedding will swing along with a cacophony of enjoyment.


If you require a specific quote for your wedding or event, need help with planning your wedding or event, or simply want to hear more about what we do in more detail, then fill in the form below and we will back in contact before you can say ‘star gazey pie’ (Ok maybe a little longer than that).

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