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I was in London recently, looking for the best food in town... I found Alastair David, surely a new culinary talent. Expect more from him!


Alastair began his catering love affair long before local food was a ‘thing’, most us were still eating Finders Crispy Pancakes and Angel Delight… (urgh!!) when Alastair was learning his trade at Chez Bruce (2 Michelin stared restaurant on the edge of London - ) Back then though even chefs like Alastair had little idea of the terms ‘nutritional value’ and ‘holistic plan grazing’, (look it up its a neat practice) Nowdays, at Alastair David, we ‘live’ and breath food, always looking for the best products and practices. We love visiting our suppliers down here in the South West, boy do we have some amazing examples - check our growing ‘our story’ page for more detail - we work with them to grow and supply the best tasting ingredients, then Alastair, with his huge amount of cheffing experience and talent adds some magic.


Weddings, events, parties and Pop-ups


Here at Alastair David catering, also well versed in the nuances of fine dining, we focus our attention on the ingredients. Yes, that seams like a cliche, but we really do live and breath ingredients. We try to be as local as possible, obviously the worlds best pepper isn’t from Devon, its from Kampot in Cambodia. We are 100% organic. The synthetics that are used in most ‘traditional’ product growing and agriculture companies are then absorbed into our bodies, and who wants that?? (Not us) so we use nature to grow our food. This also means that our food is tasty, nutritional and sustainable ... three cheers for that!!

Although we are passionate we are not exclusive. We work with our clients, thats you, to come up with a menu that works for your wedding, party or event; seasonal, tasty and of course on budget (Minimum spend £1,000).

Here is small selection of what we are up to:

  • Wedding for 120 people in a Devon farm house

  • Catering in a stately home in Kent for a party top executives

  • Wedding on a Devon beach for 60

  • Exclusive pop-ups and cooking classes for well practised home cooks.


Wedding catering, events catering, parties….. At Alastair David we have a wealth of experience in preparing, organising and delivering great food adhering to the highest standards. We stand proudly for three things; Food quality and taste; Event efficiency and organisation; Overall visual and design quality. These three pillars run through the structure of our business and deliver the best experience for you, our trusted and valued client. … our reviews and relationships prove this time and time again.


Alastair David

CHEF and conductor

Alastair’s roles are numerous, but the one he loves the most is sourcing and preparing the best food from the vast network of amazing suppliers we have here in the South West. He then adds his genius and produces to the highest standard of food, presented to you in the most mouth watering ways possible. Easy-pease.

Helen Gilhespy


Helen was an event organiser for the worlds biggest and grandest law firm, based in Canary wharf, London. She also worked for a world leading theatre company “Sadler's Wells is a world-leading creative organisation dedicated to dance in all its forms” and now for your wedding, large corporate event, launch party or large celebration. Organising is in her blood.


Designers and artists

Andrew is an Interior designer, painter and visual genius. Well he would say that wouldn’t he! The third pillar of our strategy is to get things on the day looking amazing. Of course, you want everything to look great as well as taste great.


Eating together is one of the worlds greatest pleasures


Next steps

Our team can’t wait to hear from you and you’re always welcome to call us on the number below, send a quick message from the website, or go right ahead and tell us about your event and ask for a quote in the form below, or on the contact us page. If you’re not quite ready to get in touch, head over to sample menus page which shows some of the menus and styles we’ve designed.

Good luck planning your wedding and whether we’re there or not, we hope it’s a fantastic day for you!

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